Saturday, June 13, 2015


Poems The Problem With Frat Boys If I have to explain “cunnilingus” one more time I may have to do a live demonstration 31 Flavors This condom tastes like a banana split but it makes me form an uncomfortable mental link between cocks and things I need to chew Bad Bisexual Blues I have never treated a girl right or taken one on a date but I have worked my mouth and hands against so many I wish I could just take someone to a movie Toxoplasma You need to wash with soap with hot water for twenty seconds there’s never hot water so I scrub twice as long and try and keep my goddamned fingers out of my goddamned mouth Trouble With Talking About Sex I don’t even know if anyone knows I’m an art major

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Super Hero Girl by Eve 6

I just made an Eve 6 Pandora station because I loved them in highschool, so I thought I would share one of my favorite songs with you guys.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

FOTD with NYX Sexbomb Palette

I have been on a serious makeup kick lately. I love makeup for several reasons. It fits no matter how much your weight bounces up or down, there will always be makeup to fit you and your face and your coloring, and it is a fun and arty way to express yourself.     

So lately I have been stocking up on some great makeup to help me on y mission to do more than just live in plain black eyeliner. One thing I just picked up was the NYX Sexbomb eyeshadow palette, which was only around $8 at Target. 

I loved this palette not just because of the awesome price point, but because of the fun color combos. I tend to like a dark eye, but the pop of red seemed like a fun idea to help me create a more unique look. 

Like a lot of eyeshadows, this palette came with ideas for application on the back, recommending using the red as a slight hint of color on the lid. I decided to go for something a bit more bold, but that I feel still really works for daytime. 

Here is my full list of products

Kat Von D foundation and powder
NYX blush in Pinched
NYX Sexbomb eye palette
NYX kohl eyeliner pencil
NYX Lipstick with the color name rubbed off...sorry
Lashblast mascara

I was pretty happy with this makeup and now I want to get a few more palettes to keep experimenting.
What makeup do you guys like best?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Snow Daze

The weather here in NY has been absolutely abysmal lately, so there's been a lot of snow days. That means a lot of being shut up inside with the Bear in our tiny apartment and trying not to go stir crazy. Thankfully, we're both homebodies so it wasn't hard.

I picked up this copy of Gremlins for about five dollars at some big box store. Mike had never seen it so I was pretty excited to grab this classic on DVD. 

I picked up the Bravest Warriors dice game right before the weather got bad. It's a lot of fun, and also super cute. I played as Catbug the first round, and we ate cookies while we played. 

Nothing better than a big mug of cocoa and some baked goods in a chilly day. Mike and I picked these up from Sweet To Lick Bakery, an all vegan bakery. The roads were icy and there were mountains of snow everywhere, but it was worth it for the treat.

How is the weather by you guys?