What I'm Up To

Currently I am-

Reading- Fun Home by Alison Bechdel
This story about Alison Bechdels family and growing up is amazing. Well drawn, well written, and full of that special kind of drama that only comes from families.

Watching- Peaky Blinders
I just started watching this show after Netflix recommended it. I was surprised by how much I like the show, the post World War I setting is really interesting. I also love gang stories, which makes this perfect.

Listening To- The Gaelic Storm
This Irish band is really fun to listen to, they tell funny stories between songs and they always seem to be drinking and having a really fun time at shows.

Working On- Furries for my independent study
I had never drawn furries before, but really wanted to draw something new and fresh for my independant study. This has been really great for me because I never get to draw anything like this for my art in other classes, and it's helping my with the artist black I had in this class.


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