Post Finals Fun

So, finals are done! I did pretty well with all my papers and projects and now I get to enjoy some time off, mostly filled with holiday stuff
So far, I ate some baked goods, saw the ne Hobbit movie with some friends, and got to play a new videogame.

This year the husband and I are doing Yule instead of Christmas at our apartment. I'm not super into Xmas anyways, and he has work and we have family obligations. So we wanted a day to ourselves. We decided to go easy on gifts this year, and I got a PILE of cool books, which was awesome. I didn't get a good pic of his gifts but I got him some Star Trek and Batman gear, which he enjoyed, and a pack of miracle fruit tabs which proved to be super fun.

We also made cinnabuns, cause cinnabuns.

Now, there's not much for me to do besides hang around and play this awesome game. I am addicted to this game, it's like a newer shinier Skyrim, and that's kinda heaven for me. I'm playing as a dwarven lady warrior right now, and hitting on Blackwall pretty hard, but I intend to do a few play throughs since I also want to see the story if I support the Templars rather than the Mages. 


Hells yeah, I'm making cinnabuns for Christmas, I've been planning on it for a whole month. The waiting has been torture!!!
1666 X 30 said…
I really wish they made DAI for Mac....

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