Thursday, May 29, 2014

Electronic Love, My Printmaking Final

Finals are over! I am so happy to say my junior year is now behind me. It was a lot of work for me to get through to the end but I was actually really happy with the work I turned out. My printmaking final project was the most work, but also the thing I am most proud of. It took a LOT of work and man hours to complete. 

I started by using my own photos, and creating drawing based off them. Two larger drawing were then carved into plastic to make dry point etchings. Then each of those had two layers of screen printing done over them, followed by water color.

Smaller pieces are solar plate prints, which I made by drawing onto glass with special lithogrpahy crayons and then using a light exposure unit. Those also got water colored and silk screened, and I added some drawing and text. 
The smallest pieces I made by hand frosting glass, water coloring it, printing them onto paper and then drawing on the resulting design. 

I got an A on the project and my professor said it was the best work I had done. It also had given me some great ideas for work moving forward. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Wedding Fashion! Offbeat Bride and Goth Guest.

My wedding is September 6th! It's coming up quick and i just now finally picked my wedding style. The plan right now? not one, but two looks for my big day! I know a lot of women like to get a formal gown for the ceremony and something more fun or sexy for the reception, but that's not what my plan is. I got one dress for my fun afternoon wedding, and one for my after party!
This Unif dress is what I plan on wearing for the actual wedding. I'm not one for a traditional gown, so this was a fun option. I wanted something casual and cute for my low key afternoon nuptials. The plan is to pair it with badass boots, a moto jacket and a ton of layered silver jewelry. 

After which I will be changing into this little number! I wanted something fun and sexy for the afterparty, something that would still look bridal but also show a bit more skin. The plan is to go out that night and hit some bars or clubs or something, and really just enjoy myself.

And this, is for Mike's cousin's wedding. Faux leather, black and it has pockets. Possibly the most amazing thing I could have found. The wedding calls for cocktail attire so a short dress is fine.
What do you all wear to weddings?