Friday, December 16, 2011

Goth Basics- Insta Goth Made Easy

 I know a lot of people will flinch at the phrase "insta goth". But I certainly don't. Why should you "ease into a style" if you have already made up your mind to wear it? Goth is one of those styles where people sometimes complain that they didn't "look the part" (holy mother of quotes, I seem to be going a little overboard with these) as quickly as they would have liked. But the truth is that with only a few easy items you can already have a decent started wardrobe, a sort of dark blank slate that you can tweak and add to once you discover your personal goth style of choice.

Black tights, whether solid or lace or fishnet, are pretty much a universal item. From the scariest Deathrockers to the cutest Lolitas, tights are a handy thing to have. Throw them under skirts, shorts or dresses to add a little more black or just stay warm. Lace or fishnet can also take a plain top and bottom combo and make it a lot more special. Tights are also great because they're cheap. You can get a pair of tights for every day of the week and not break the bank, and if you like a little color with your goth then layering a few pairs can be an easy and cheap way to do that.
Where to go- We Love Colors, Target/Kohls

Black Tank Top/Camisole-
These are another basic need for almost every style. Layer it under frilly blouses, sheer pieces or even other tank tops. Put a ripped shirt on top for a messy yet stylish look or put it under a cool jacket. Tank tops are usually pretty cheap, and they are also easy to customize if you like DIY goth. Studs, patches, pins and lace are all easy to add on to a plain tank.
Where to go-Wetseal/Forever 21, Target

Hoody Alternative-
I like hoodies. I have a few myself, and like most people I went through a phase in highschool where I lived in the things. But I learned something from that rather dark sartorial period. Hoodies are a dime a dozen, and almost any other form of outerwear will make more of an impact. People are kind of desensitized from hoodies, even the wilder ones. They are EVERYWHERE. So if you want an awesome distinctive look, grab another kind of jacket. jackets are also great because while they might cost a bit more then a shirt or dress, they can be worn pretty much non stop, and they add a lot of style. A basic tank top and shorts with fishnets might seem kind of goth, but add a leather jacket and suddenly you have a rather authentic deathrock outfit. A high collar ruffly affair can make a simple skirt and blouse perfectly Victorian, and a classic black trench is good for any corp goth. The key is to pick a decent quality piece that fits well. if you want versatility look for classic shapes, and don't be afraid to personalize! Studs, paint, extra fabric, patches and pins are a cornerstone of goth outerwear and a fun way of make an everyday mall find something special.
Where to go- Topshop, HM, Forever 21

Crazy Shoes-
Now, don't be fooled, boots are not the be all end all of Gothic footwear. true boots are really common, often comfy and really cool, but any kind of shoe can work. The trick is to get a shoe that's interesting. Platform mary janes, granny boots, winkle pickers, stiletto heels, they all work. Find a pair you can wear with everything and don't kill your feet. Platforms aren't necessary but some height can take an outfit from regular to rockstar in about three seconds. Clunky shoes might be a no no in other style, but you should feel free to embrace them. Big shoes are awesome, and they make your legs look super awesome and skinny.
Where to go- Hottopic, Charlotte Rousse


Makeup can make an outfit or break it. Crazy colored eye-shadow is essential for death-rock or cyber looks, while fake lashes and great foundation are good for Lolita or Victorian looks. Try and stay away from costume make-up, white face is best left to the pros. Have a good selection of eye shadows, lipsticks and nail-polishes, fake lashes are great if you want a more glam look every day. Make up is also a good place to add some drama and color to an outfit. Eyeliner doodles or feather lashes are perfect for taking a look from day to evening to the club or a concert. Experiment with different types of makeup, even glitter has ts place in a goth look!
Where to go- Walgreens, CVS, MAC, Sephora

Fine Tooth Comb-
You need one. For combing out long, silky locks, dividing up sections for gorgeous pin-curls or back combing the shit out of a mohawk. A fine tooth comb is your best friend when you start doing goth hairstyles. Get the kind with a long thin hand so you can trace a nice straight part a la Morticia Addams or sectioning up dreads. A comb is great, keep one in your purse so you can fluff up your hair as needed. Big hair makes everything better.
Where to go- Target, Walmart, CVS

What were your starter goth items?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Batfit 2012 - Part1

So, I usually don't talk about this kind of thing on here, but I recently saw this cute little sticker floating around and I couldn't resist. The truth is, I have been changing my diet and exercise habit for a few months now. I lost ten pounds rather quick, and now am working on just getting in shape. I don't consider myself a shallow person, but I do care about aesthetics, and that's a big part of my goth identity. I like shorts skirts and short shorts and tight shirts. So I decided I should care just as much about the body I'm dressing up!
My first change was to cut out soda at home, as well as whole fat anything. Skim milk, low fat cheese and salad dressings and tea were all easy changes. I've also started eating healthy foods and snacks (I am now a kale chip junkie) and working out when I can.
Soon I will be posting fun recipes and workouts, as well as progress reports as I get fit for 2012.
Here were my beginning stats-
height- 4ft 11
bust- 42 in
waist- 32 in
hips- 42 in
Are you guys gonna participate?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Look Hot and Stay Warm- Edgy Winter Looks

Looking good and staying warm can be hard needs to balance as the thermometer keeps creeping down, slipping into Winter territory. It can be hard to put away the miniskirts and shorts for long layers and frumpy sweaters. But who says you have to? Skin tight, strategically placed layers can still get the job done without sacrificing sex appeal. Adding a few layers and a great fitting jacket can be all you need. A tank top and an extra pair of tights might be all the layers you want, and it will certainly do the trick if all you need to do is dash from heated car to heated house to heated offices or classrooms.

Dip Dyed Dark

Red White and Black

Death Fuzz

So tell me, how sensibly do you lovies dress when the cold winds kick up? I must admit leggings and microknit tights are as close as I ever get to weather appropriate.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Goth Things I Don't Like

Shamelessly hijacking an idea from The Ultimate Goth Guide and Dreams of Black Lace. I think any member of a subculture, especially one as long standing and diverse as the Gothic scene, has a few things they just can't make themselves like, no matter how popular they may be. I don't want to offend, just share some things  I'm not a fan of, and wouldn't wear/watch/listen to myself. But hey, that just means more for the rest of you!

1. A LOT of the music-
      I know it sounds awful but it simply isn't my deal. I grew up on a steady diet of 90's alt rock, punk rock, grunge and metal. So a lot of the music popular in the scene has just never caught my interest at all. I don't listen to pop or rap or hip hop, but I still just can't make myself fall for most of the old school goth classics.

2. Old Horror Movies-
      I love horror movies. I do. I love gore and zombies and ghosts and demons. I just don't love super old, often times black and white, b grade horror movies that are older then my parents. I like nice shiny new effects, and usually a little more gore then is seen in the old school stuff.

3. Green/Blue Lipstick As Everyday Makeup-
      I have never seen this look good outside of a photoshoot. Never. it might be possible but I haven't seen any proof. The thing is, the colors often play tricks on the eye, making the lips appear the wrong size, or making the skin look sallow or jaundiced. They can also be very unflattering against teeth.

4.  Medieval Fashion-
      Again, can look great in shoots, but never seen it done well in real life. The issue here is that the shape of the clothing is rather limited. Long shapeless gown and puffy shirts with tight pants aren't universally flattering, and really will only hang nicely on tall slender people. It is also one of those styles that never fails to look costumey to me.

5. Anything Flame Print-

      Flame print makes me have Vietnam War style flashbacks to jr. high when almost every guy in class would wear short sleeve button up shirts in the most eye melting colors and patterns over top of white ts. They were usually covered with tribal dragons, flames and hot rods, and never seemed to come in a size smaller then XXL. They usually make people look like matchbox cars. I'm looking at you flame covered New Rocks.