Friday, January 27, 2012

January Outfits!

Tank top from Wet Seal
Moto Jacket from Forever 21
Skirt from Hot Topic
Legwarmers from Bloomingdales (a gift from my awesome Grandma)
Hat from Walmart
Scarf from Forever 21
Platform sneakers from Bakers Shoes
Tights form Kohls 

Sweater from Forever 21
Tights from Kohls
Legwarmers from Wet Seal
Shoes thrifted
Shorts ae cutoffs from old jeans, customized by me

Dress thrifted
Tights from kohls
Boots by Demonia ordered from Hot Topic website

Dress by Hell Bunny
Boots from Journeys
Tights from Kohls
Moto Jacket from Forever 21

Jacket from Forever 21
Shirt from Walmart
Skirt from Wet Seal
Tghts from Kohls
Creepers from a random little shop in St Marks

These pics are kind of awful, so hopefully I can get better ones soon. This is just a quick look at what I've been wearing lately. It's cold here so this is all going under my comfy faux leather jacket from H&M. Also, you can see my awesome wall design made from Halloween decals I got cheap at Micheals. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Life and BDSM - Sexy Comics

So I know I've been absent lately. I've been sick and winter-break kinda ate up my life. I did make a few more videos and have more to go, which I will soon be posting. I've been in a bit of a fashion rut too with the crazy cold weather, so instead we will be moving on to a different but equally important aspect of my life.

BDSM is a big part of my life. I wear a collar everyday, I post and trade messages on fetlife and even read BDSM related books. BDSM is as much a part of me as being gay or trans is for other people. It is a part of my identity in a way that is more then sexual. I'm even in a BDSM related club at university.
A lot of people assume that BDSM, fetish and kink are bedroom only hobbies. This doesn't have to be true. There should be nothing taboo about what a consenting adult does, alone or with other consenting adults. BDSM style relationships can be loving and romantic and funny and the lifestyle is about more then whips and chains. there is a softer side to it as well. there's even a funny side, and there is really no shortage of comics, webcomics and manga that can appeal to your sense of humor as well as your dirty side.
I'm not endorsing the word, but this is cute

These are a few sexy webcomics I love, all with lovely art and a nice dash of lighthearted humor -

Chester5000XY- this is a steampunk-esque erotica webcomic. There aren't any words, but the story is both sexy and heartwarming and the art is nothing short of amazing, and carries the story without any need for dialogue or narration.

Fluffy Bunny Domination- a cute little webcomic strip about the cute and funny side of kink.

Nic Buxom- This a fun look into the world of BDSM and pro domination and submission.

Oglaf- This webcomics features funny, sexy, short stories and off color humor of all sorts.

If print is more your medium you should check out Empowered, a superhero story about an unfortunate heroine who spends more time bound and gaged then busting criminal ass. Emp (the nubile leading lady) is a great character and there is fanservice for men and women alike in this funny action series. There are also more dirty yaoi/yuri/hentai manga then I can begin to name. "I want to be your slave" is a great title, along with "Tea for two". Mangafox has agreat variety of mature comics that suit just about any tastes.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Vlog 2, Me and My Music Issues!

The audio is all laggy but you still get the point. Leave comments here or on my youtube if you want, I would love to get some vlog topic suggestions~ Bye Lovies!