Goth Challenge Day 12, What's Your Goth Inspiration?

I don't know if I really have a Goth inspiration. I love the Addams Family, but I don't try to emulate Morticia or Wednesday. I like looking at pictures of other Goths and admiring their clothes, but I have no urge to try and copy them.To me, looking at other goths, or reading books that fit the Gothic ideal, are all fun, but I've never tried to just focus on one character or person to try to copy in real life. To me, other goths are more like motivation then inspiration. I see them, and I get that buzzing in my head, wondering what I could do to look that good. I could spend hours on Tumblr looking at lovely outfits and clothes and getting ideas. I love looking at three different outfits online and trying to figure out what pieces mix well, or what makeup makes a certain look really pop.


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