My Make Up - Geometric Brown

So I decided to go ahead and finally post one of my makeup routines. This one is pretty quick and basic, and fun for school days. I usually find brown shadows boring so this is my answer to that, fun shapes!

First step is foundation, I use covergirl clean. Super cheap and nice coverage.

                               Next is covergirl clean face powder in a matching shade. Also, stare in awe at my mushy face lol.

                                      I am a nerd and keep m brushes in an old Pokemon pencil case.

                                 NYC cheek glow. I use this in the cooler months because I get pale in a bad way.

                   Hard Candy lip plumping gloss. I'm not sure if this makes my lips bigger but I like the color.

Now things get weird.  use some plain old scotch tape to mark where I want my eyeshadow to have a clean line. 

                             I pick out my eyeshadow, and then color my whole top lid, extending it out over the tape.

Peel off the tape and we're left with a nice clean line. 

Then I draw on my eyebrows. I use a plain black eyebrow pencil most days and just touch up my lines with a wet q-tip after.

Then I layer on a few coats of lash blast mascara. This stuff is really nice, no flake and very little clumping for the price.

I usually put a thin coat of nude lipstick on as well. I like Maybelline lipsticks, they come in a million colors and are pretty cheap.

And then we're done! What do you think should I post more make up walk throughs?


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