Make it Work- Harem Pants

So Amy at the Ultimate Goth Guide recently had a post where she mentioned she was having a bit of a wardrobe crisis. This happens to everyone once in a while. It can be especially hard on Goths, where the fashions can be harder to find, more expensive, and very specifically styled. Trying to look more adult when a large amount of your goth wardrobe was bought during your baby bat years can be even more difficult.
Amy mentioned she had a few wardrobe pieces that she simply didn't know what to do with, and one of those was a pair of harem pants. Yeah, I said harem pants. In a goth wardrobe. But the more I thought about the more I thought it could actually work. Almost any article of clothing can be styled in a goth way. So I put together a few outfits for different occasions that used a pair of pretty basic harem pants.

harem date night

This look was for a date night, or a night out on the town. Maybe a nice dinner or a party? I paired the harem pants with a black ruffled blouse and a black lace biker jacket for some interesting texture, and used gold and black accessories for a more grown up appeal. Moat goth jewelry is in silver tones, but yellow gold can look amazing with black, and makes a whole different statement.

harem goth suit

This time I used the harem pants as if hey were suit pants. I paired them with a graphic tank top in white (for contrast) and a black vest and an interesting blazer. This would be a great work or formal event look, and the flats make it comfy and functional as well. For the accessories I relied on dainty chains and skull accents so that the goth styling still wasn't lost in the look.

Harem goth 2

This outfit is a bit more casual, with a rock/punk edge. I paired the harem pants with a comfy tank and a loose cropped t. I also threw in a leather (or faux if you like) jacket. It's a great style staple and makes any outfit a bit more cold/wet weather friendly. A big bag is great for running around and doing errands or shopping. A few simple accessories keep the look from being too boring, but it's still comfy.

Harem Goth 1

This final look is ideal for going straight form lounging around and fooling around on Tumblr to running out the door to meet with friends. The loose tank and slouchy cardigan are comfy but provide a great shape with the volume of the harem pants. The sneakers shown have a bit of pattern and platform which makes them stylish as well as comfy. The backpack purse is cute but also functional and the sunglasses are vaguely reminiscent of the super round frames you see trending online right now. A few easy to through on statement accessories such as fingerless leather gloves and a multi strand chain necklace make your comfy clothes look super chic and grown up instantly, and can even be tossed in the roomy bag for quick goth glamour on the go.

These are just a few ways you could wear harem pants (I told Amy she ought to make a chain belt with little skull dangly bits so she can make a belly dance inspired outfit) but these should show you that great outfits can come from unexpected places.

I really want to make this a regular feature, so feel free to leave a comment or question about a piece of clothing you just don't know how to wear!


I love the third and fourth ones especially!!! Thank you so much!!! <3
Faery Jay said…
Very nice! =D I think I might try some of these looks myself, as I own...erm, three pairs of harem pants. *hangs head* As another idea, I sometimes like to pair them with my mini skirts for a slightly grunge-y goth look, and a plain black pair can look pretty awesome with tartan. =)
Anonymous said…
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i love you
You have come up with some really nice suggestions here! I really love the idea of a waistcoat with harem pants. You're going to make this a new trend in the Goth world! ;)

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