Grunge Goth...or...What College Can Do To Your Style

Fashion is a big part of my life. I can spend hours reading fashion blogs, looking at outfits and researching different styles. However, my normal style of skirts and dresses and heels and full make up isn't exactly art class friendly. This semester I took stagecraft (we get to play with paint and power tools), ceramics (gloppy clay and  easily spilled slip all around) and drawing (charcoal dust, india ink and chalk dust are messier then you might think).  This has led to me having to make some sartorial choices that are pretty far from my norm. Heels and platforms had to give way to flat soles and full foot coverage. Mini skirts were swapped for capris and leggings and 90% of my tops are band t shirts cut into tank tops.
But it's not all doom and gloom, this semester has given me a chance to develop my casual style and open up to a wider range of looks that can suit more situations. So a few days ago I sat down and made up some lovely Polyvore sets that are casual, but still have the goth, punk and grunge influences I love.

goth 101


goth 203


akumaxkami said…
I think I'm lucky that, as an English major, I can still dress up to my heart's content!

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