If All Your Clothes Burned In A Fire

What 10 items would you buy right away?

-black skinny jeans
-black leggings
-black tank top
-black boyfriend cardigan
-black faux leather jacket
-black sweatshirt (graphic one form Actual Pain)
-black dress
-Black shorts
-black boots
-black creepers


Violet Gein said…

1.Plain black pants for work
2.Combat boots
3.Super skinny black pants to shred and distress
3.A slouchy black sweater (Robert smith inspired)
4.A tight black pencil skirt
5.Patterned tights
6.A XL Evil Dead shirt (to wear as a dress)
7.Cyroflesh pants
8.Plain black tank top
9.A Wednesday Adams dress
Sary Walrus said…
1. Stockings.
2. Leather jacket.
3. Short circle skirt.
4. Singlet.
5. Doc Martens.
6. Short fitted skirt.
7. Band shirt.
8. Pretty blouse.
9. High waisted shorts.
10. An cardigan.

This is my whole wardrobe in a nutshell.
I think I would buy a black skirt, top and some ballerina shoes :P
Margaret said…
1. A simple pair of skinny jeans.
2. Sneakers.
3. Boots.
4. A simple black cardigan.
5. A simple jumper.
6. A black skirt.
7. A black dress.
8. Underwear.
9. Socks.
10. Leather jacket.

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