Have You Seen The Bats and Cats Collection?

Forever 21 is a fun store, not a great store. they sell alot of medium to low quality fast fashion pieces and trendy items. I sometimes buy a shirt or skirt here or there just to add more sparkle to my basics. So I was extra excited when I saw them reveal this amazing, alt fashion friendly collection. The theme  is bats and cats, and feature Batman logos, Catwoman, bat prints, studs and faux leather.
Here are some of the items I'm going to be getting-
I needed a pair of sweats for casual and comfy days and these were great, the perfect amount of comfort and spook!

This sweater is so cute! grey with a white bat print, it would be perfect with a skirt (as shown) or with plain skinny jeans and sneakers, or shorts and tights for a more pastel goth look.

BAT PAJAMAS! Who doesn't want comfy cute bat pajamas? I am dying to get my hands on these. It's getting cold out and these seem warm and fun, the perfect thing to wear while watching scary movies and drinking pumpkin coffee.

Are you planning on getting anything from the collection?


Sary Walrus said…
Aww, that feel when they don't ship to my country. D:
1666 X 30 said…
oooh i need to go to forever 21. they also had some moon/witchy stuff. i'm not too "batty" (hur hur) but that sweater is awesome!!! and the PJ onesie!!!! gah!!!

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