The Hipster Life

Hipster me!

I often describe myself as a hipstergoth because I feel like many of the things I really like fall into one or both categories. Fancy coffee/tea/lattes? Hipster. Black skinny jeans? Hipster AND goth. Being vegan? Hipster as fuck. Tattoos and piercings? Goth and hipster. Partially shaved head? Both again! It's kind of uncanny how certain goth/punk things have gotten so trendy.  

hipster Mike
hipster JB
Do you like any trendy/hipster nonsense?


Violet Gein said…
Hmm...let me see..I like the following "hipster" things: tight black skinny jeans,ragged black scarves,and slouchy beanies. No
akumaxkami said…
Pfft, I liked fancy coffee before it was cool.


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