The wedding was yesterday. Sadly don't have all the pics and stuff together for a full post but I do have some stuff from my photographers instagram. You can find him at tattooedbridephotoguy or at Allebach Photography.

My wedding boots and adorable Misfits travel mug which was a bit of a life saver.

The rescue kit made by my super cool maid of honor. Includes everything we could need from aspirin to hand sanitizer to tiiiny bottles of booze. Very handy.

One of the buffet signs. Food was soooo good and the signs were pretty fun.

Me being a bad-ass in my dress and jacket.


Congrats! You looked so cute. ^-^
1666 X 30 said…
congrats! best wishes to you both!
Spookieness said…
Congratulations!! You look amazing.
akumaxkami said…
Awesome! Congrats on your marriage.

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