Rock Gyaru- Another Glamorous Goth?

      Lately I have been spending more and more time looking at Japanese fashion blogs and live-journal communities. I can't seem to help myself. I just love the variety you find in Japanese fashion, the amazing hair and make up and nails. I've also been noticing how different and varied the Goth style is over there. J Goth is very different from Western Goth, and just as we have more then one alt style, so do they.
      The one that got my attention the most recently? Rokku Gyaru, sometimes called Goth Gal. Gyaru is a very feminine style that is popular in Japan, and gaining more of a foothold in the West. It usually incorporates big hair, elaborate make up and nails, and heels/platform shoes/boots. Sounds great for a goth who craves some glamour right?
      Rokku style is also great for those goths that still like more trendy, mainstream stores and clothes. A little bit of dark floral, or a leather jacket can go a long way in this look. If you're trying it out and have a largely goth wardrobe, try wearing boots with heels rather than platforms, adding floral accents and using a few trendy accessories.
      Popular motifs include skulls, floral, studs, stripes and bright colors/neon accented with black or leather. Frills, lace and studs are good accents, and great easy ways to turn a typical girly outfit into something a little more "rokku".
      Hair and make up run towards smokey eyes, fake lashes and curls. Floral hair clips, headbands and glitter are all great addons. Colored hair streaks and bedhead styles locks are also common, although in this style natural colored hair is actually the nor rather then the exception.

     This is the perfect look for girly girls who want more of an edge to their look, Gals who want to show their love of Goth, Rock or Punk, and teens whose parents might be hesitant to buy them the gothy wardrobe of their dreams.


akumaxkami said…
I really like the Rokku Gal much inspiration from the Visual Kei movement but on a much more toned down level! I love that this sort of look is wearable on a daily basis. ^_^
oh, I really miss the old fashion style that has been taken over by all those bubble and pastel goths :(( This is more punk to me. Not much of a Gothic one.

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