Fondest concert/festival

old pic from after a show
I love all shows! The best I've been to are the ones with World Inferno/ Friendship Society. They put on an amazing show and the energy in the room is always great. Imagine, a room full of punks waltzing in the mosh pit and reeling around. It's fun in a way no other show is, and everything feels more intimate and close because both times I saw them at slightly smaller venues. 
I also have been to Warped Tour a few times and liked it. It was hot and sweaty and there were more bands than I could keep track of. But I liked it, laying out on the grass, stripping down topless to escape the heat, and pouring water bottles over my head.
I was never good at being neat and pretty at concerts. I dress to play hard, with things I can roll around and dance and mosh in.


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