Wet Moon Volume 1 Review

I have been a sucky blogger! Classes and feeling a bit under the weather have been keeping me form updating or even taking outfit shots. Hopefully I will be bakc on track soon. in the mean time, here is a review of an awesome book I got!
I just picked up an amazing graphic novel! Wet moon volume 1 by Ross Campbell. It is a story focusing on a great, diverse cast of alt women. The cast is AMAZING, it includes a variety of (fairly realistic) body types, skin tones and sexual preferences. The art is amazing, the characters are interesting and the story, while it starts off a bit slow and normal, has hints of deep dark things to come. The quite moments are the ones that stand out in the book. the random bits of Southern life that really sum up the awkward, painful and sometimes beautiful reality that is life. I really cannot wait to get the next book.    


1666 X 30 said…
wet moon is totally awesome. I love ross campbell's artwork.

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