More Questions!

 5 turn offs
-polo shirts
-neck beards
-bad hair
-terrible fashion sense
 Who are you crushing on right now?
Ragnar Lothbrok! UNF, Vikings is such a great show and that man is too sexy for me to handle. I bet he smells like smoke and beer and sweat and pine trees and omg yes please.
 Do looks matter to you?
Yeah but I don’t think my tastes are too picky
 Do you smoke?
I like cloves but don’t buy them and barely smoke pot. I do not smoke cigarettes.
 Who is your bestfriend?
This bums me out because I don’t really have one. I don’t know why but I never really have a best friend so this kinda thing just makes me sad because i really, really want one.
 Longest relationship and with who?
Hmm… 2.75 years with my first bf Justin. It dragged on because he was long distance and I had veyr little social life so phone calls and emails satisfied me lol. 


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