Back to School Coming Soon

I decided to do most of my school shopping online this year. These flats were in sale and the metal detail on the toe is lovely. I also like the loafer shape since I think it's a bit more adult than normal round toe flats. I got the cross socks to wear with my creepers and maybe even heels. The bracelet set was an impulse buy but the set us really cute and I like the layered jewelry look.

Since I decided to he vegan, that means no more buying lunch on campus. The salads are very expensive and there aren't a lot of other options. But the school food is gross so no great loss there. Instead, I will be bringing lunch! I found these containers called "lunch blox" they stack and fit together and came with a bag made to fit. Perfect for veggie lunches and snacks!
Anyone else getting ready for back to school?


akumaxkami said…
Your school cafeteria thingy doesn't have a vegan option? I know mine does, plus the multitude of food joints on campus are especially good about catering to special types of diets.

Maybe you would ask around at your school and get something rolling!

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