School Shopping

I got another two boxs of clothes in the mail! The sweater and NYX makeup set are from Hot Topic. I really love giant sweaters and the misfits design made it even more appealing. It has some shredded detail on the bottom and its very soft. 

I also got a batch of clothes from H&M since they opened the online store tithe US. These buttons were very cheap and a cute detail for some of my plain jackets and sweaters. 

I also got some shirts, keg hints and a great pair of black wedges. I was excited to be able to st all vegan goods on these orders, cruelty free makeup and no wool on the sweaters! I still need some more accessories but thus far it's all going well.


Lara Lizard said…
I just realized that I need a Misfits top :D :D Thanks ;D
Love your badges!


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