So I did something very typically "me" recently. I cut a bunch of my hair off! I know it's cold and more hair seems like it would be better but it just suits me a lot more and also makes my life easier in terms of hats. 
I need a better picture of the back next time I buzz it. You can see my natural hair color now because my roots were coming in. 

When I went in for the cut the woman in the salon was really scared and made the senior stylist do it instead. She kept saying she was scared of taking so much length off and that she had never buzzed a woman before. but it ended up fine and it was only 20 with tip. 


akumaxkami said…
I'm gonna be hacking my hair off tomorrow. It's gotten so long and I really thought I wanted it long but I just operate SO MUCH BETTER with short hair. So yeah....

Yours looks great by the way!
Anonymous said…

Check this out. Couldn't include a link to this in a Tumblr ask, so put it here.
More on the legal system treating women like so much meat.

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