Hallowmas 2013 - Punk, Dancing and Dead Bodies

This year I spent my Halloween in a very special way. Hallowmas!

 Hallowmas is a special halloween show put on by The World Inferno Friendship Society. The show takes place at The Warsaw in Brooklyn. The venue is a cool old place where they sell perogies along with the normal beer and liquor.
the show started normally enough, a great warm up band The Shivering brigade started the show, the whole band dressed as Batman characters. They were a great warm up act, lively and fun, and during their set glitter cannons and streamers were released along with balloons and confetti, covering the crowd. They were such a great time that after the set Mike and I went to get one of the special purple 45s they were selling. Along the way we noticed something a little weird. A coffin. Now, seeing it was Halloween it didn't seem too weird. But on closer inspection we realized there was a body in it. A real body.
Apparently a friend of Jack Terricloth, the lead singer, had a friend die a few days before the show, and instead of canceling, turned the concert into a funeral for her. the show was lovely. they sang, we danced, and at the end they had pall bearers (in costume) take the coffin up on stage. The whole thing was beautiful and sort of sad and intense. It was unlike anything else.
Overall it was a fun, but very strange, night.


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