On Being Buzzed

I recently made a fairly big change with my look. I cut off all my hair. Not my normal "I cut off all my hair" but I really cut it all off. I walked into a salon and asked for a high and tight. 

It was something I had thought of doing before. Mohawks, Chelseas, pixie cuts, I've done it them all. But it was always a hairstyle, with actual hair. And it was usually dyed. 

The buzz is also interesting because it's changed the way I want to dress. Suddenly, pants and flat shoes and general androgynous touches are pretty interesting to me. Also my beanie, everyday.

The only downside so far? It's boring! I have no options for styling. So it's quick and easy but kinda less fun. My plan now is to let it grow a bit then dye it.


akumaxkami said…
Having really short hair like that is the perfect opportunity to play with wigs, too. If you're interested in that sort of thing.
Sary Walrus said…
You look amazing! In my mind, it highlights your feminine features and makes your eyes stand out. :3
Anonymous said…
Short hair looks amazing on you! Really good :)! Try styling it with different hats! Or like earlier said; play with wigs (Be sure to wear a good wigcap, a solid one, or else it'll itch like crazy!)

x Dawn
1666 X 30 said…
yeah cutting off all your hair really influences what you wear...surprisingly. I found myself wearing a lot more girly dresses (which I never ever usually wear) because I liked the contrast. I love super short hair though. short hair also really shows off your piercings!

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