Waiting for Warmer Weather

Here in NY it has been snow, ice, rain and more snow. The air is so cold it hurts to breath sometimes and even in my tiny little apartment, it's so cold I never want to leave my cozy little bed (which has no less than five blankets on it right now)
So in order to turn my mind away from my frozen fingers and toes and never ending post nasal drip, I give you the things I really want once it warms up.

These super destroyed white skinny jeans are amazing. Light, perfect for spring and summer. Pus, they aren't blue. I am not a big fan of blue jeans. 

I love sandals that cover most of my foot and these are adorable. I like the boot like vibe of these sandals, they sort of straddle the bootie/sandal line really nicely and look comfy and easy to walk around in all day.

This front zip romper is cute and looks super comfy. It's also the kind of thing I bet would look great with heels or booties or flats and could be layered to dress it up or down. 

I love Actual Pain and I think this shirt would look great tucked into shorts or a short skirt for a casual and comfy look.

Anyone else dreaming of better weather?


Anti.Muse said…
Greetings from Berlin - here it's freezing cold too. I can't wait for spring :)I love the front zip romper, where is it from?

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