Beauty Bomb- Tokyo Milk Dark

I am not a beauty blogger. Far form it. I am never the first to find a great new product. But I do love hunting down great stuff. In this case, I found something great in the products made by Tokyo Milk. 
I like perfumes and scented lotions, but I have to admit I am not much for traditional scents or anything too expected. So I was thrilled when I discovered Tokyo Milk Dark products. A lip balm that smells like my favorite clove cigarettes? Yes! 

The whole line is filled with interesting scents in things like lib balms, lotions and traditional perfumes. They aren't too cheap but they are worth it for the amazingly unique scents and the gorgeous packaging. 
My recommendations- 
Clove Cigarette No. 18 lip balm. Feels nice on, makes lips soft, and has a rich, somewhat spicy smell.
Truth No. 85 rollerball. An easy to carry perfume wit notes of cedar, citrus fruit and a touch of vanilla.


Violet Gein said…
I love Tokyo Milk! I have a mini roller ball of Tainted Love and a red lip stain to match. For Christmas I got the entire Arsenic set.

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