Game Spotlight- Pokemon Snap

I recently found out Pokemon Snap is available on the Wii via the virtual console. For $10 I was able to reclaim one of the most amazing games of my childhood. And oh god it held up well.

I played the game using an old GameCube controller, and was surprised how easily game play came back to me. I remembered the basic layouts of the courses and even the special items you earn as you play. The graphics, while old, are still enjoyable, and the music is fun and feels very familiar.
My only real complaint about the game? It's too short. I was able to complete the whole game in only a few days, and while it does have a great replay value (you can multiple runs through courses to get better and better shots and discover new poses and Pokemon) I really just wanted more.
I haven't bought a Wii U yet but I have been thinking about it, and what would really push me over the edge is a new Pokemon Snap game. In fact, the Wii U seems to be made for such a reboot, and the recent additions of new types of Pokemon would mean a bigger and better game experience, perhaps with the ability to share photos and maybe even take short videos in game. It would even work well on the 3DS since the system has an internal gyroscope, meaning you could tilt it and take pictures like you would with a real camera.
Actually, searching online, there has been a lot of people wanting a Snap sequel over the years. Why does Nintendo keep holding out when they know Pokemon is always a money maker, and that a new Pokemon console game could help boost faltering Wii U sales? I don't know, but I continue to hope for more awesome poke photo fun. And in the meantime, I can always try and beat my own scores.

Anyone else a fan of Pokemon Snap?


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