Batfit 2012 - Part1

So, I usually don't talk about this kind of thing on here, but I recently saw this cute little sticker floating around and I couldn't resist. The truth is, I have been changing my diet and exercise habit for a few months now. I lost ten pounds rather quick, and now am working on just getting in shape. I don't consider myself a shallow person, but I do care about aesthetics, and that's a big part of my goth identity. I like shorts skirts and short shorts and tight shirts. So I decided I should care just as much about the body I'm dressing up!
My first change was to cut out soda at home, as well as whole fat anything. Skim milk, low fat cheese and salad dressings and tea were all easy changes. I've also started eating healthy foods and snacks (I am now a kale chip junkie) and working out when I can.
Soon I will be posting fun recipes and workouts, as well as progress reports as I get fit for 2012.
Here were my beginning stats-
height- 4ft 11
bust- 42 in
waist- 32 in
hips- 42 in
Are you guys gonna participate?


Candice said…
Sounds fun! I love healthy foods! Allthough some times i get bad pains in my legs/hip area so i dont excersize as much as i should, but i love learnong new and healthy recepies! :]

And i agree with you on the clothing thing. When im not in lolita, the majority of my clothong is micro mini skirts and tight shirts, so i would love to get in better shape! :]

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