Look Hot and Stay Warm- Edgy Winter Looks

Looking good and staying warm can be hard needs to balance as the thermometer keeps creeping down, slipping into Winter territory. It can be hard to put away the miniskirts and shorts for long layers and frumpy sweaters. But who says you have to? Skin tight, strategically placed layers can still get the job done without sacrificing sex appeal. Adding a few layers and a great fitting jacket can be all you need. A tank top and an extra pair of tights might be all the layers you want, and it will certainly do the trick if all you need to do is dash from heated car to heated house to heated offices or classrooms.

Dip Dyed Dark

Red White and Black

Death Fuzz

So tell me, how sensibly do you lovies dress when the cold winds kick up? I must admit leggings and microknit tights are as close as I ever get to weather appropriate.


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