Goth Things I Don't Like

Shamelessly hijacking an idea from The Ultimate Goth Guide and Dreams of Black Lace. I think any member of a subculture, especially one as long standing and diverse as the Gothic scene, has a few things they just can't make themselves like, no matter how popular they may be. I don't want to offend, just share some things  I'm not a fan of, and wouldn't wear/watch/listen to myself. But hey, that just means more for the rest of you!

1. A LOT of the music-
      I know it sounds awful but it simply isn't my deal. I grew up on a steady diet of 90's alt rock, punk rock, grunge and metal. So a lot of the music popular in the scene has just never caught my interest at all. I don't listen to pop or rap or hip hop, but I still just can't make myself fall for most of the old school goth classics.

2. Old Horror Movies-
      I love horror movies. I do. I love gore and zombies and ghosts and demons. I just don't love super old, often times black and white, b grade horror movies that are older then my parents. I like nice shiny new effects, and usually a little more gore then is seen in the old school stuff.

3. Green/Blue Lipstick As Everyday Makeup-
      I have never seen this look good outside of a photoshoot. Never. it might be possible but I haven't seen any proof. The thing is, the colors often play tricks on the eye, making the lips appear the wrong size, or making the skin look sallow or jaundiced. They can also be very unflattering against teeth.

4.  Medieval Fashion-
      Again, can look great in shoots, but never seen it done well in real life. The issue here is that the shape of the clothing is rather limited. Long shapeless gown and puffy shirts with tight pants aren't universally flattering, and really will only hang nicely on tall slender people. It is also one of those styles that never fails to look costumey to me.

5. Anything Flame Print-

      Flame print makes me have Vietnam War style flashbacks to jr. high when almost every guy in class would wear short sleeve button up shirts in the most eye melting colors and patterns over top of white ts. They were usually covered with tribal dragons, flames and hot rods, and never seemed to come in a size smaller then XXL. They usually make people look like matchbox cars. I'm looking at you flame covered New Rocks.


katysioux said…
Ahhhh flame print! I forgot about that completely. It's one of those motifs that NEVER looks nice or classy.
Candice said…
Agreed with evefything.

Especially the flame printed stuff!!! God! And all thoes guys thought they were such hot shit! XD
Izzybat said…
believe it or not I actally have a friend who pulls off Medieval or colonial or something fancy and strange like that most days, but she is tall and skinny
akumaxkami said…
I totally agree with you about the medieval thing! I know too many nerdy Larper's who think they can traipse around everyday in that kind of garb and not look silly as hell.

Not to mention, I'm simply not a fan of the Dark Ages. I prefer to focus on eras of enlightenment not "Oh, we must burn all the books and all the knowledge!"
1666 X 30 said…
haha yeah the flames, for real. Skulls are the new flames, imo. and the medieval stuff too--you found the perfect picture. it's always with the cheap velvet. also i'm totally following your blog now.

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