Eco Alternative - Becoming a Green Goth

Because Gummy gets excited about helping the enviornment
So recently, the boy person and I have been going green! this means different things for both us, he is mastering furoshiki (a way to wrap items in cloth so that you don't have to use plastic) and giving up shampoo and conditioner for apple cider vinegar and baking soda mixtures. He also replaced his deodorant with baking soda and corn starch. I started by convincing my grandmother (we live together) to start doing a lot of our shopping at Whole Foods. This means we now have the option of getting local products, as well as more organic/all natural ones, and products that use recycled paper and plastic and eco friendly packaging.
I've also stopped using any kind of plastic bag when I can avoid it, and started trying to avoid extra plastic packaging, and make an effort to buy all natural versions of any product, and give my business to companies that  make products that are good for me, and the planet. I'm not doing everything, that's for usre. I could give up plastic use almost entirely (some people are starting to do it) and never buy anything that's not eco friendly again. But I haven't, I'm making small steps, and discvering a lot of great new products, all of which I will be reviewing here, so keep an eye out for more upcoming Eco Alternative posts!


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