Gets- Aerie Panties and Hot Topic Swag

I went shopping this week! I honestly don't go out and buy stuff that often so it was cool to pick up some new items.
 Aerie had a sale going on so first thing I did was go pick up some new undies. Honestly, the only colorful things I wear are panties. I really like the cute ones Aerie has right now, lots of hearts and cute colors and a ton of different cuts. I got 7 pairs for under $30, which was a steal.
I also made a stop into Hot Topic. My boyfriend had some Hot Cash to spend (I will show his purchase another time, promise) and I decided to check out some sales. I ended up with a dark charcoal grey bodycon skirt covered in butterfly skulls. It's pretty comfy and was really cheap at about $15. The headbands are a part of my ongoing effort to deal with my awkward length hair while it grows out, and also cover my roots up until I can redye them. They came in a two pack, the black one with hearts, and the off white/light pink with little skull doodles. They cost about $10. Over all pretty happy with what I picked up.


Bazinga said…
That skirt with the butterfly skulls looks really cute ^^
Sanath kumar said…
Best Post i like it,As It's always nice and eye pleasing to see girls in hot panties. Sharing images of girls in panties is nothing but a social work that one can do for the benefit of male fertinity on this planet.

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