On Being Poly

So those of you who follow me on instagram or Tumblr may already know this, but the fact is, I am poly. I have two boyfriends, Mike who I have been with for three years and Jb who I have been seeing for a few months.
Me and Jb at a school party

Mike and I at the beach
Now, before anyone gets confused or worried, they both know about each other, and both of them are cool with me seeing the other. Right now, I am dating both separately but we spend a lot of time together, hanging out and having fun (Mike is the only one with a full time job so he takes me and JB on dates).
Being poly is hard at times. When I go out with both of my boyfriends I get some strange looks and sometimes I hear people whispering. But really, it's worth it to have time with both of them. Sitting around with one on each side, chatting and cuddling, it's just a really nice feeling.
Night out with both boys
This last week I had a lot of good quality time with both of them but now winter break is here and I won't be seeing JB until New Years Eve which is gonna be hard. In the meantime, I am going to enjoy some fun times with Mike and just enjoy my vacation.

The three of us having a movie night


Sary Walrus said…
Man, you guys look like a really cute couple-of-people (see what I did there?). :3

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