Monday, December 30, 2013

Winter Break

Winter break is well under way now. Christmas is done and New Years is almost here. So far things have been perfect!
I'm not planning on doing a serious haul shot of all my gifts but this was special. Mike filled a briefcase with Welcome to Nightvale stuff and flies! Just like on the show! I was super excited opening it up. Oddly enough, I got him the same patch and mug because we apparently share a brain sometimes.

I also got the smeech into the festive mood by dressing him up like one of Santas helpers. He didn't mind it because I also got him a stocking full of treats.

Jb is in jersey for the break but we met up in Manhattan for a date day of museums and tea shops and window shopping. It was amazing, and I get to see him again for New Years.

Right before Christmas, I buzzed a ton of hair off. I now have a Chelsea! It's great, an having people rub the buzzed part is awesome.
Tomorrow it's back the city for a Gogol Bordello show! Got any good New Yers plans?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

On Being Poly

So those of you who follow me on instagram or Tumblr may already know this, but the fact is, I am poly. I have two boyfriends, Mike who I have been with for three years and Jb who I have been seeing for a few months.
Me and Jb at a school party

Mike and I at the beach
Now, before anyone gets confused or worried, they both know about each other, and both of them are cool with me seeing the other. Right now, I am dating both separately but we spend a lot of time together, hanging out and having fun (Mike is the only one with a full time job so he takes me and JB on dates).
Being poly is hard at times. When I go out with both of my boyfriends I get some strange looks and sometimes I hear people whispering. But really, it's worth it to have time with both of them. Sitting around with one on each side, chatting and cuddling, it's just a really nice feeling.
Night out with both boys
This last week I had a lot of good quality time with both of them but now winter break is here and I won't be seeing JB until New Years Eve which is gonna be hard. In the meantime, I am going to enjoy some fun times with Mike and just enjoy my vacation.

The three of us having a movie night

Saturday, December 7, 2013

3 things I wish I was told when I was a Baby Bat

1- Statement pieces are key
One over the top item can make a look. A pair of faux leather shorts can change a simple summer or spring look into something dark and sexy. My crazy faux fur coat can make me feel crazy and glamorous all at once. A dresser of plain tanks, tees and bottoms really needs a pop of something.

pentagram earrings are always a great addition to an outfit

My hellraisers are great, comfy and they certainly make a statement

2- Texture is important
Faux fur, faux leather, sequins, spikes and studs. I LOVE texture.  don’t do much color, so texture is what I go for to add interest. I am also someone who enjoys touching clothes. Velvet and fur and synthetic silk just feel good to put on.

I added a ton of spikes to this denim jacket for a personalized touch

Faux fur is pretty, warm, and humane!

3- Go for a total package
Personally, I don’t like an ott look with plain hair or minimal makeup. I think alt styles work best when you push it on all fronts. For me, the black dye job, piercings and tat are often what keep from feeling very plain on days I can’t or don’t wear a really crazy outfit.

A simple smokey eye goes a long way
I like black and silver jewelry because it always matches