Anime Review- Sword Art Online

School is out and I am trying to fit a little fun into my life. One way, cartoons! I like cartoons, western or not. This past week my partner and I marathoned Sword Art Online on Netflix.
Sword Art Online is a great show. it's about a bunch of people trapped inside a virtual reality videogame. If they die on the game, they die in real life, and the only way out is to beat the game.

Despite taking place in a MMORPG, battles are not the main focus of the show. Instead it focuses on the adventures of Kirito, a young gamer, and the friends he makes inside the game and the adventures they go on over the two years they spend trapped online.
Right now there are two seasons of the show up on Netflix and hopefully more episodes on the way as the anime just got greenlighted to continue on where the manga did, with more MMO fun to come.


If you liked Sword Art Online, you might also like Log Horizon. Just a suggestion.

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