Wedding Update- Invites!

I reached another wedding milestone! Invitations are done and out, and people have begun to e-rsvp already. It's pretty exciting, and a bit worrisome just because I was a bit late getting these done. My grandma passed away after a long battle with cancer so I was too preoccupied to do much wedding planning. 
I drew up this cute little graphic for the invite and then scanned it into the computer and printed it onto different colored cardstock. It's simple, cute and cartoony which is perfect for my casual/nerdy afternoon wedding. I added some small details to try and make it look a bit like a comicbook cover, since Mike and I are such big comic fans.

This is the rsvp card. Nice and simple and it has a space for a song request, which is going to help us create our wedding playlist (we didn't want a traditional DJ or band). 


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