Going Batty For Batman

Batman is one of my favorite super heroes. I love him, but even more than that, I love his whole Universe. I love the Robins (Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne tie for my faves), I love Harley and "Mistah J", I love Gotham. I also LOVE Batman merchandise. I love shirts and bags and hats and scarves and toys and home goods, anything I find, I want. Maybe it's because Batman is fun AND I love black, grey and bats? Batman just fits my aesthetics. So here's some Batmerch I am lusting over.

Batmobile Cookie Jar $47.60
OK, I don't make cookies, but this is a great reason to start. It's a retro Batmobile cookies jar. It is the kind of thing I never knew I needed and now I cannot live without it. I might actually order this.

Batgirl Dorm Shirt $42.00
It's a hooded batman tunic length top with a detachable cape. I would live in this. I love hoods almost as much as I love Batman.

Batman Logo Pullover Hoodie $39.60
I normally like black more than grey, but this is such a perfect shade. I also love how crisp and clean it looks, no silly faux vintage fade on the logo.
Batman Logo Watch $15.60
I don't wear a watch but I want this watch. It would be a great subtle batman addition to a normal outfit.


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