Getting Into The Holiday Spirit

The Halloween spirit that is!
The holiday season is in full swing in my apartment. I live in an itty bitty top floor apartment, so decorating hasn't happened just yet, but I have been indulging in some other ways.

I bought myself these amazing Halloween flats a week or so ago and they finally arrived! I still need to break them in, but I love them despite the blisters. They add the perfect little festive touch to a simple outfit and they are taking the place of my old black flats which were a bit of a wreck.

I love to cook (you guys know that right? I DO have a cooking blog after all), and this cute new spooky apron is the best. I can be a messy cook so it's nice to have somethign to keep my clothes clean that is still nice looking. Bonus- I get to feel like a little witch stirring a cauldron when I'm cooking.

And it wouldn't be Halloween without cider and scary movies! This cinnamon hard cider is really tasty and is the perfect thing to sip when curled up in a blanket, watching vampires. I still hadn't gotten a chance to see Only Lovers Left Alive so I was happy to see it available at redbox. Made for a great night in with the Husbando. 


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