GKE 2014- The Geeky Kink Event

GKE, the Geeky Kink Event, has come and gone once again. My husband and I have now attended three years in a row, and it just keeps getting better. GKE is special because it brings together two communities we both love, the geek community and the BDSM and kink community. This creates a really unique place where people can have all sorts of fun, from playing boards games to needle play demonstrations.

This year GKE held a raffle to raise money for new dungeon equipment. The prize for winning the raffle was a limited edition tentacle dildo. My husband bought a few tickets on a whim just moments before the raffle drawing, and we managed to win the last one! I always wanted a tentacle toy, so that was super exciting.

I spent most of this years con just wandering around in lingerie. A lot of people cosplay or wear street clothes, but I like to take advantage of the event and dress up a bit more than usual. The pool area and dungeon even allowed full nudity, so I was happy to be in something I could take on and off fairly quickly, and the hot tub was really nice after a day of spankings and high heels.

The husband laid out a bunch of our toys in the hotel room, it ended up coming in handy since our room became the hosting site for a queer orgy, which was super fun. We also had a Saint Andrew's Cross set up, but we forgot to get a picture! I will be posting a review of it soon though.

Over all, we had a blast and I cannot recommend the event enough.


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