All The Angry Feminists At My School Hate Me

First of all, I want to say I don't hate feminists, I don't. I'm a girl. I want to get paid as much as men do, and be able to live my life without judgement. However, that judgement line applies to other women as well. I hate living in a world where women are supposed to be so empowered, and yet feel the need to put each other down. I have never been harassed, normally or sexually by a man, yet I have had a lot of women put me down for choices I make.
I am a submissive woman in bed, I admit. I like being called slut, whore, bitch, a bad little girl, and everything in between. However, that's only in bed or other situations which I consent to with men I care about a great deal. I take a lot of joy in being a "good girlfriend" putting on make up to look nice for my man, doing my hair the way he likes for dates, even running about in crazy high heels because, lets face it, men love 'em. I like cooking and children and fashion and I know how to sew. Apparently this makes me a bad woman, and makes other women's lives harder.
Someone actually said these things to my face. Apparently my choice to wear mini skirts meant that other women had to suffer. I "made them look bad" and "gave men unrealistic ideas about what a girl should look/dress/act like".
I know some women choose not to show a lot of skin or put on make up. Not all girls dress to impress men. In fact, a lot of what I wear is simply what I like. I like my short skirts and tight tank tops, and if some guys like that look then that's fine.
I'm all for women being empowered but that also means letting everyone make their own choice, and not attacking people for not living their lives the way you do.


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