Fire Island Invasion of the Pines

Hello! I hope everyone had a lovely long weekend and did something amazing on Independance day. I, being the massive flake that I am, did not really celebrate the fourth, or at least didn't do so in any conventional manner. Instead I went with my friend Mike to go and see the Invasion of the Pines at fire Island, which is basicly a huge gay/drag queen fest. It's amazing, hundreds of people flood the beaches in boardwalks in fanastice getps to mark the anniversary of a time when Queens were not as celebrated as they are now. I wa sno the only straight girl there though, plenty of people form all walks of life were in attendance, and I had anamaizng time, and for some reason all the gay men found me cute as fuck, and even felt the need to rush up to me gushing over my hair and my pretty face and huge rack. I love gay boys. I also went swimming and built a sandcastle and went on a boat ride to a much more...normal...side of the isalnd for a nice dinner w/ Mike and his parents. I had a great time and in fact it inspired me to harass Mike about the possibilities of going back for a campout. Swimming and marshmallows and sleeping outdoors ftw!


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