Getting More Goth In Your Gothic Lolita

Now I know many people are aware of the style known as Lolita. The substyle known as Elegant Gothic Lolita (or just plain Gothic Lolita, depending on whether or not you follow Mana) has also been gaining a bigger and bigger following amongst Western goths. The victorian influences, layers of black lace, doll like hair and make up and the sheer decadance of it all is hard to resist for some.
However, the style does have a rather strict set of "rules" or guidelines that help define it. The clothes are expensive and proper shoes, undergarments and accessories are needed to help make the look complete. More and more Western girls and boys are choosing to deviate from the traditions, opting instead for looks that push the boundaries of the style, adding more punk and goth influences. I myself tried wearing Lolita for only a short time (and mostly sweet substyles at that) and decided it wasn't for me. However the look is still something I find very appealing, and I decided the try and make some coords that push the regular boundaries of Lolita. Let me know what you think, would you rock Lolita?


gothloli 1

A dream coord


sugarpunk lolita 6

sugarpunk lolita 5

sugarpunk Lolita2

sugarpunk Lolita 1


Kandy by Kobaby featuring crew shirts


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