My Alt Fashion Background

I know many people can look back and pinpoint the moment when they first became a goth or a punk, can remember the CD or band or movie that got them into the scene, the first friend they knew who wore all black.
For me, it was a little different. I was never much fof a normal dresser. I was a ripped jeans and tank top girl when little and moved up to skinny jeans and limited edition chuck taylors and pink hair fairly quickly. My background is more punk and rock and metal then goth, but I have to say the black is slowly taking over my wardrobe.
I guess I got lucky in that I never really went through the awkward baby bat stage that some do. I was never what you would call a moth goth, and for that at least I'm grateful. I guess growing up liking magazines and fashion blogs helped me get a long a bit better then some.
I was always an odd kid too, like plenty of goths and punks. I hung with the nerds and geeks and burnouts. I never had a friend leave me because of how I dressed, and was never picked on either. I dated a punk (who was scary and easily over 6ft 5 with his mohawk spiked up) and hung out with other spooky kids. I read a lot, giant fantasy novels and classics and comics and manga and as a kid my greatest joy was staying up late killing zombies on my playstation (I was an ADD kid who didn't sleep).
Nowadays I'm depressed to look around my local mall and see so few real punk or goth kids running around. There are more resources then ever before yet so few new people seem to be atrracted to the scene, many falling prey to emo and scene or poseur styles. It's sad sometimes, walking by my local Hot Topic, filled with preppy kids buying Justin bieber hoodies and remembering the good old days when the heavily pierced people behind the counter used to snark at anyone wearing too much color and advise them to shop elsewhere.  


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