Goth Challenge Day 5- Is there a local Goth band or group in your area?

I don't know! I'm a terrible person, because I don't listen to "true" goth music almost at all! Also, i have only been to a few local shows, and most of them were hardcore, metal, deathmetal. They were great shows and I am blessed to have met the members of most of them and even be friendly with a few. Heres a list of Long Island bands I have seen.

After Chidori
Forrest Gump Mile High Marathon (these guys are my fave by far, they play songs based off the movie Forrest Gump and use sound bytes from the movie to great effect. Also, they sell shirts that say "Get Down, Shut Up" on the back, I will be posting some outfits with it soon hopefully!)
Pyscho Enhancer
Within The Ruins


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