Goth Challenge Day 7 Ten Fave Goth Bands

I have to say that if I have one failing as a goth, it is in not listening to much of the music. I don't know what it is, but much of the sound simply doesn't appeal to me. Anywhere here is a brief preview of some of the "darker" music I do enjoy, maybe you like some of these artists too?

Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Star Crossed

Chiodos, Bulls Make Money, Bears Make Money, Pigs Get Slaughtered

Aiden, Scavengers of the Damned

Atreyu, Bleeding Mascara

Amon Amarth, The Pursuit of Vikings

HIM, Gone With The Sin, OD version

Scars on Broadway, Chemicals

Vitamin String Quartet, Heart Shaped Box

Bush, Everything Zen

The Ramones, Palisades Park


Are you sure you don't like *any* goth bands? There are A LOT of different subgenres under the umbrella of goth. Maybe you simply haven't explored them all?

"The Ultimate Goth Guide" has really thoroughly covered all the different subgenres.

Seeing how you like the Ramones maybe you'd find 45 Grave, Super Heroines, Lugosi's Morphine, Antiworld, or Scarlet's Remains to be of interest to you? They're goth bands but with a punkier edge to it. :)

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