The Goth Challenge! Day One, How Did you Come Across The Subculture?

So apparently all the cool kids do blogging challenges/memes, and I decided this one was worth jumping on the bandwagon for! It's the Goth Challenge, which you you can find HERE. This list is pretty long, but I think it will be a nice way to get into blogging on a regular basis again.

Day one is about how you first discovered goth. Truth is, I can barely remember! I liked horror movies and rock/punk music as a young child. I remember seeing a picture of Travis Barker in his undies (on the inside of my first CD case, Enema of the State) and being completely enthralled by his mohawk and tattoos. By 4th grade I was reading Anne Rice and was already a huge Harry Potter fan. By 6th grade I was wearing my hair slicked back with blue hair gel, and was in love with crazy converse. i guess I was more punk? As I went through school I started dyeing my hair and got a nose ring and then got more and more into goth, turning into the blue mohawked, tatted and pierced lil spooky kid I am now!


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