Goth Challenge Day 8, What are your best and wort experience with non goths?

Well to be honest my worst experiences with non goths have mostly been with family or the family of friends. Me ex boyfriend's family hated me and said i was trashy looking because I wore a simple black collar and lace tights. My own family also has a problem with the way I look, often asking if I could please "dress normally" if I want to go to out to dinner with them, or mentioning how nice I could look if I only wore color and stopped dying my hair.I have also had complaints about my tattoos and piercings.

My best moments are probably when people come up to me at random and start gushing about my hair and clothes. I have had little old ladies, business men and fabulous gays all come up to me at random locations to compliment me and ask about my hair or tattoos. I also love when little kids get excited to see a person with pink or blue hair!


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