Goth Challenge Day 14, What was Your best and Worst DIY?

My worst DIY experiments aren't things I have pics of sadly, they were mostly just failed t-shirt surgeries. I cut them too short or too low or somehow ruined them, and then tossed them out.
Most of my DIYing is simply me sticking studs on things or cutting the necks out of band shirts. I made a lovely fairy-kei/Lolita skirt last year, but I got rid of it when I quit sweet Lolita so I don't have a pic! I do have a pic of some shoes I altered, covering them in leopard print. I want to put spikes on them as well and I also have ideas for a spike covered leather jacket as soon as I can get supplies. I did just recently paint some crosses and put some small studs in an old blazer I had. I am also looking forward to wearing some bright pink heels left over from some fairy-kei outfit that I decorated with leopard spots.


Anonymous said…
Hey man, that's awesome. Did you just buy material for the crosses, or paint them on...?

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