A New Kind Of Mall Goth: Spooky Chic On A Budget

The words "mall goth" tends to have a negative connotation. It brings to mind images of Halloween white face make up and ill fitting tripp pants. Marilyn Manson t-shirts and ugly jeans. These things happen for two reasons, either a lack of knowledge about the style, or a lack of funds. But the times and the trends have changed, and now you can easily build a reasonably workable goth or punk wardrobe at your local mall, and without breaking the bank. There's also an added bonus of shopping in trendy stores, your parents are less likely to balk at paying for a back to school wardrobe of black and lace if it came from the same store the preppy cheerleader shops at. These outfits all come from a single store, and the crazy part is, no Hot Topic needed.

Wet Seal Goth

Wet Seal draped top, $15
Wet Seal knit shirt, $8.75
Wet Seal short pleated skirt, $20
Wet Seal nylon pantyhose, $6.50
Wet seal boots, $28
Wet Seal foil bag, $8.50
Wet Seal necklace, $20
Wet Seal vintage looking jewelry, $13
Wet Seal facets jewelry, $8.50
Wet Seal cross jewelry, $6.50
Wet Seal metal jewelry, $6.50
Wet Seal lace glove, $4.50

This outfit comes from Wet Seal, a cheap trendy store that is usually popular with trendy teenage girls. I love this store! They have great deals on black heels and boots and flats, good layering pieces and a nice assortment of cheap accessories for when I want something trendy and don't want to break the bank. I've used their feather earrings, cardigans and shoes in my own goth wardrobe, and I am constantly seeing more workable pieces coming out. Just don't style your outfit the way they do on the mannequins!

H&M Goth

H M printed shirt, £7.99
H M short leather jacket, £30
H M pleated skirt, £15
H M cable knit tight, £9.99
H&M wedge boots, £30
H M leather handbag, £15
H M bracelet, £3.99
H&M earrings, £3.99
H M metal ring, £3.99
H M long beaded necklace, £6.99
H M hair clip accessory, £1.50
Eyeshadow Multi, £2.99

H&M is one of my favorite stores in my local mall. My boyfriend is equally obsessed with it. They always have a great variety of on trend looks as well as cheap and decent quality basics like v neck t-shirts and tights. H&M has recently jumped on board with the leather trend putting out some great skirts, pants and biker jackets (I got myself one!) in vegan friendly materials. They also have a nice selection of faux fur items once the cold settles in.

Charlotte Rousse Goth

Charlotte Russe top, $18
Charlotte Russe skirt
Charlotte russe, $7.50
Charlotte Russe beaded jewelry, $11
Charlotte Russe wrap around watch, $14
Charlotte Russe bracelet
Charlotte Russe stretch ring
Charlotte Russe earrings
Charlotte Russe knit scarve, $13
Charlotte Russe - 3-Buckle Sueded Wedge, $43
Charlotte Russe - Metallic Nail Shields & File, $9.50

Charlotte Russe is a great store for classic looking pieces and work wear as well as shoes. Honestly, I have at least five pairs of heels from this store, they usually have great a great selection and sales on. This is the place to go if you want to try out some corp goth, or simply need a suitably spooky and appropriate outfit for an event.

Forever 21 Goth

Forever21 lace top, $16
Forever21 knit cardigan, $12
Forever21 skinny fit jeans, $25
Forever21 platform wedge heels, $28
Forever21 clutch handbag, $17
Forever21 cuff bangle, $8.80
Forever21 bangle bracelet, $4.80
Forever21 gothic ring, $6.80
Forever21 antique jewelry, $8.80
Forever21 thin ring, $1.50
Forever21 hook earrings, $1.50
Forever21 braided belt, $5.80
Big Lips, Big Lash Set, $4.80
Shimmering Wine Nailpolish, $2.80

Forever 21 is a mecca of fast fashion and designer inspired pieces, which is great when designers are churning out more and more goth and punk inspired looks. from party dresses to comfy flannels and a HUGE range of accessories, this is a store where you could build an entire wardrobe. Shop the sales and keep an eye on their website for great deals, I have found everything from varsity jackets to faux leather pencil skirts here, the key is to really dig through the whole store. You can often find gems hidden in the clearance racks.

Many will look at these outfits and say, "Wait! These are just regular clothes in black!" and they would be right. te truth is, looking goth has as much to do with hair, make up and attitude as it does with clothes. Goth brands like lip service and trip are popular, but in no way a necessity, and many times you can find extremely similar items in local stores for a fraction of the cost. Also, a few spikes, crosses and some lace can go a long way towards looking dark and darling.

What mall stores do you love to shop at?


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