Neo Grunge and Nu Goth, Possible for a Lolita?

Lolita is a wonderful fashion due in some part to the fact that it contains a large amount of sub categories and styles, and can often be mixed with other non related fashions. Lately my Tumblr page (check my Tumblr here) had been flooded with pictures of cute little girls done up in black and plaid. Nu Goth and Neo Grunge are both revamped version of classical alternative styles. Nu Goth in particular has sparked a lot of controversy, as some of the kids who have been wearing it have offhandedly insulted other goths and some goths have developed a rather elitist attitude towards them, calling them hipster posers and other nasty things. I myself love both styles, and hope to see more people adopt them and see more of them join the goth community. I also saw amazing potential for Lolita crossovers in them, so here are two Polyvore sets I made, seeing how the two might mesh.

Nu Goth Loli

Nu Goth Loli by codydarkstalker featuring paul smith shirts
This set features a velvet Lolita skirt, black BTSSB low heeled boots and an Alice and the Pirates coffin bag. I added in a sheer blouse and a black bustier to add an edgy, almost sexy edge and a few accessories that seem popular among nu goths, most featuring spikes or crosses worn in a more modern way. I think this outfit works rather well since the sheer black blouse in a popular nu goth item, but the bustier underneath and higher waisted skirt and black tights still keep the look modest enough for most Lolitas to still approve.

Neo grunge Lolita

Neo grunge Lolita by codydarkstalker featuring cable knit stockings

The neo grunge look features a plaid Lolita one piece dress and a grey long sleeved shirt to wear underneath. I think the color and texture combo is very fitting for a grunge inspired look, while wearing a one piece keeps the outfit looking Loli. I paired the dress with thick tights and medium heeled grey boots and afew edgy accessories. The Supporate System necklace adds a small pop of contrasting color while the fox tail and backpack style bag both add an updated look and an interesting mix of texture.

Would you ever wear nu goth or neo grunge style? Why, why not?


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