Game Review- Skyrim

I am so late to the game with this it's not even funny. Skyrim is not a new game. It is not even really new-ish. It's not really an old game though, and that's the best I can say for my timing.

My partner picked up the Playstation Greatest hits version of the game a few months back and then never really touched it again. He had seen his brother playing it and heard some good things about it and the Greatest Hits version is only around $30. So he picked it up and it sat on a shelf until he started playing last week.

I honestly wasn't that interested at first. The game looked a little dated, and the story (at first) seemed kind of straightforward and dull. I was so wrong. The game is huge, mind bendingly huge. And the story is not straightforward, it's like the roots of a tree, twisting around and branching and interconnecting in shocking places. Everything about the game encourages you to fully immerse yourself, form the varied game play styles to the super detailed character creation.

I chose to play the game the game as a lady Orc I named Kaja. She favors heavy armor and giant axes and hammers that require two hands to swing. I don't use magic, I don't use a shield, i don't use a bow and arrow. Instead, I bludgeon through the game like I feel a true orc would, with nothing but raw power and some plate armor. It's a satisfying way to go. I kill my enemies up close and personal, hacking away and occasionally beheading them. Everything from human bandits to huge dragons falls before the swing of my axe, and the stronger I get, the more of a powerhouse I become.

This is not the only way to play Skyrim. You can be a theif or a mage or anything you want. You can sneak around and knife people form the shadows or hunt things down with a bow. That's the joy of Skyrim, playing how you like.

If you have time to spend really throwing yourself into a game, go out and pick this up, you won't regret it.


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